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The centre of orthopedic and aesthetic surgery “Doctor Kudzaev’s Clinic” in Vladikavkaz,  headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of Russian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (SPRAS), doctor of higher category K. U. Kudzaev, is situated in Vladikavkaz. The centre has been successfully functioning since 1992 and refers to average price category, which makes it available for a wide range of patients. Plastic surgeons of Doctor Kudzaev’s clinic offer you more than 150 types of traumatic, orthopedic, aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.  The entire course of treatment is controlled by highly qualified specialists. The clinic is situated in a resort zone. All the wards are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities.

In our clinic you can solve the following problems:

  • treatment  of pelvic bones and limbs fractures  as well as their consequences
  • arthroscopic joints surgery : excision of injured meniscus through endoscopic pinhole punctures, replacement of injured crucial ligament with modern artificial foreign implants.
  • endoprosthetis replacement (arthroplasty) of major joints: replacement of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joints with artificial ones
  • treatment of  congenital and post-traumatic deformities of bones, correction of bones curvature by Ilizarov method
  • correction of the limbs length by Ilizarov  method
  • height increase due to lengthening of hips and legs
  • correction of X and O- shaped curvatures of lower limbs with possible simultaneous lengthening
  • correction of breast shape: lifting, breast reduction, breast augmentation with implants.
  • surgical correction of lip shape and size, lipofilling, filler injections, tattoo makeup
  • rhinoplasty: correction of nose shape with a pre-surgical computer modeling
  • mentoplasty: chin correction with a pre-surgical computer modeling
  • otoplasty: lop ear correction with non-traumatic methods
  • blepharoplasty: excision of excess lid tissue, removal of “bags” under the eyes
  • removal of post pregnancy abdomen deformity with simultaneous tightening of muscles of abdominal wall
  • liposuction: vacuum removing of local fat excess through small skin incisions, body tight ( radio frequency liposuction)
  • rejuvenation of face, neck and décolleté skin with  gold threads and laser peeling
  • surgical removal of age-related changes (( SMAS)  with endoscopic deep lifting
  • laparoscopicandaestheticgynecology, hysteroscopy
  • permanent make-up: tattoo make-up of eyebrows, lids and lips

Over 150 types of traumatic, orthopedic, aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery

Patients are preliminary consulted to diagnose contraindications