Opening Hours:

Without an appointment from 11:00 to 16:00 during working days


Prices for Orthopedic Traumatology

  • Type of operation Cost of operation, rub.
    Endoprosthetics of the hip joint, single-pole with fracture 280000
    Hip joint endoprosthetics total for arthrosis 380000
    Endoprosthetics of the anterior cruciate ligament 185000
  • Type of operation Cost of operation, rub.
    Surgery on the g\ foot joint 185000
    Arthroeresis of the squamous foot (on each foot) 65000
    Surgery on the shoulder joint NIRA 85000
    Surgery on the shoulder joint Seam Bankart 185000
    Operation on the elbow joint 85000
  • Type of operation Cost of operation, rub.
    Operations on the hip for fractures 280000
    Operation on the 1st toe of the foot ("lump") 65000 subsequent 20000
    Shin surgery 185000
    Arthroscopic meniscectomy 95000
    Operation on the foot 85000
    Operation on the collarbone 65000
    Surgery on the humerus 85000
    Operation on the forearm from 85000
    Hand surgery from 45000

Preliminary consultations are conducted to identify contraindications.

Advisory services - 1000 rubles.

X-ray - 1000 rubles.

The price does not include bed-day and anesthesia.

Chamber - 5000 rubles (including nutrition and post-operative treatment).

    • Consultation

      The clinic of Doctor Kudzaev in Vladikavkaz offers you great opportunities to improve your appearance. Based on the results of the conversation, an operation is planned and its provisional value is determined. Prices for the services of the clinic are presented in the price list.