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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery in Vladikavkaz

Plastic surgery is a field of surgery dealing with alteration of appearance, shape and interaction between anatomical structures of any areas of human body.

In our clinic we offer such types of face surgery as blepharoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, lip surgery and facelifting.

Surgical correction of breasts is one of the most common and most demanded types of plastic surgery. There are several types of breast surgery nowadays including: breast replacement prosthesis, lipofilling, reduction surgery and mastopexy.

Plastic surgery knows no bounds! We will help you to get gorgeous Brazilian buttocks, to make your calves muscles more attractive, to have liposuction and even abdominoplasty!

Limb correction is a particularly complicated and sophisticated work, demanding from the surgeon not only profound knowledge in the sphere of cosmetic surgery, but also great orthopedic skills, as these branches are closely interrelated! The experience and skill of the doctor are essential in this job! In the friendly atmosphere of Doctor Kudzaev’s clinic you will get everything for receiving expert care and anesthetization. The post-surgery treatment is controlled by the experienced staff of the clinic.