Opening Hours:

Without an appointment from 11:00 to 16:00 during working days


Ultrasound scan prais

  • Type of operation Cost of operation, rub.​
    Any joint (1 joint) 1000
    Hip joint (for children, 2 joints) 1000
    Soft tissues (1 section) 1000
    Veins (one leg) 1000
    Veins (on two legs) 2000
    Veins and arteries together (one leg) 2000
    Mammary glands (both) 1000
    Thyroid gland 1000
    Neck vessels 1000
    Salivary glands 1000
    Ream 1000
    Abdominal cavity 1000

    • Consultation

      The clinic of Doctor Kudzaev in Vladikavkaz offers you great opportunities to improve your appearance. Based on the results of the conversation, an operation is planned and its provisional value is determined. Prices for the services of the clinic are presented in the price list.