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Orthopedic traumatic surgery

Orthopedic traumatic surgery in Vladikavkaz

Orthopedic traumatic surgery is considered the only branch of medicine which deals with the study, prevention and treatment of locomotory system impairments and their consequences. The treatment system turns out to be very effective in terms of the results, duration and degree of rehabilitation of the injured part of the body.

Our clinic performs such operations as arthroscopy, endoprosthesis replacement (arthroplasty) and Ilizarov method.

Arthroscopy is a diagnostic and treatment method of visual examination of the structures and contents of articular cavity, as well as their treatment with optical, mechanical and electrophysical devices.

Endoprosthesis replacement (arthroplasty) is a surgical procedure of replacing joint components with implants, which have anatomic form of a normal limb and allow to perform all the movements.

Ilizarov method, or transosseous osteosynthesis method is a system of multi-aspect rehabilitation of patients with injuries, diseases and congenital deformities of locomotory system organs.

Our clinic solves various tasks, from height increase to treating serious injuries of locomotory system!