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Endoprostethics of mammary glands

Endoprosthetics of mammary glands in Vladikavkaz

Endoprosthetics of mammary glands or mammoplasty is the shortest, most effective and easiest way to increase the breast!

There are many ways to correct the breasts: special diets, massages, complexes of physical exercises, injections and many others. etc. But they give either a temporary result, or they do not fully satisfy the desire of the patients to find the desired forms. As a result, experts agreed that augmentation of implants is the optimal and most reliable option for improving the female figure.

The implant is a round or anatomical "pouch" filled with a special substance. The rather strong silicone shell of the prosthesis is designed for heavy loads, it does not crack when there are strong pressure drops, sudden movements, bumps, etc. As a filler in modern plastic surgery, as a rule, a cohesive gel (not a flowing jelly substance) is used.

The cohesive gel remains in place when the integrity of the shell is damaged and retains its original shape. That is, the need for a repeat operation in case of a breakthrough of the silicone shell disappears.

All modern implants are soft, natural and touch virtually indistinguishable from the glandular tissue of the breast.

Unlike the first implants, which were filled with saline, silicone prostheses can be of different shapes: round and anatomical (drop-shaped). In anatomical implants, the bulk of the filler is displaced to the lower part of the breast, so that its top is not as rounded as it was with the first prostheses. Thus, the breast after the operation has a completely natural appearance.

Technique of operation The first stage is a complete examination and individual consultation with a specialist who chooses the optimal shape of the implant.

The operation itself is performed under intravenous anesthesia. Around the areola, under the mammary gland or in the armpit, a small incision is made. Through it, an endoprosthesis is placed in the formed bed. It can be located both under the pectoral muscle and under the mammary gland (only when there is a sufficient number of own breast tissue). Recently, plastic surgeons prefer the axillary location of the prosthesis. All the manipulations performed by the surgeon are carried out under the control of modern optical technology, which minimizes the likelihood of medical errors.

A slight feeling of heaviness immediately after surgery is associated with pressure on the chest of the implants and stretching the skin, but after a few days all the unpleasant sensations disappear. Some patients note that approximately on the 5th-7th day the breast seems bigger than planned. A small puffiness caused by the operation and individual characteristics of the body usually passes by the end of the first month. The final result of mammoplasty can be estimated after about 1.5-2 months.

Indications of deformation of the mammary glands after breastfeeding congenital deformity of the mammary glands dissatisfaction with the size and shape of the mammary glands Contraindications chronic diseases of internal organs in severe form diabetes mellitus disorders of blood coagulability with propensity to form keloid scars in mental illnesses