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Abdominoplasty in Vladikavkaz

Otoplasty is a facial surgery aimed at correcting the size, and inborn shape of the ears.

The ear is fully formed by the age of 6-7 and it is considered that it is better to perform the operation before the child goes to school so that as a result of children's ridicule the child does not have psychological complexes about his appearance. But still, in plastic surgery there are no age restrictions on the operation, it can be done to a patient of any age. Often girls with deformed auricles are forced to cover their hairdo, and can not tie a tail or braid a braid. In such cases, the best solution is the operation. The price of otoplasty is available and will make the ears more beautiful to many. Otoplasty of the ears in Vladikavkaz will help you make your ears beautiful.

Indication for the operation:

congenital or acquired deformities of the auricles




bleeding disorders

with mental illness.

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