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Worldwide distribution of aesthetic rhinoplasty was received after the publication of the textbook on rhinoplasty by the famous German surgeon Jacques Joseph in 1931. Since then, rhinoplasty has developed rapidly.

At the dawn of aesthetic rhinoplasty, some surgeons skillfully removed excess cartilage, and others could implant them, which is much more difficult. Monotonous noses were peculiar "visiting cards" of plastic surgeons. A modern generation of surgeons seek an individual solution to the shape and size of the nose in accordance with the features of the face of each patient.

Operations on the nose are the most complex and require a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and surgical techniques of the face. This combination of artistic creativity and impeccable technical performance. Experienced plastic surgeons modify the technique of rhinoplasty for life. Since bones, cartilages and other tissues are important not only for the appearance of the nose, but also for function, that is, for breathing, smelling, etc., all this must be taken into account. Prices of rhinoplasty depend on the complexity of the operation. but most are available to patients. Correct the nose here will help the best doctors.

In plastic surgery it is very important that the patient understands what result he will receive from the operation and what risk is associated with it. Most often ask to reduce the nose, remove the hump, straighten the back of the nose, narrow the wide tip of the nose, fix the deformation of the septum of the nose. The surgeon, during the consultation evaluates the person as a whole. It is undesirable to greatly reduce the nose with an outstanding chin. Or, if the chin is too small, it is necessary to correct the chin along with rhinoplasty. If the surgeon tries to explain how he can improve a face profile by drawing or showing in the mirror, this is not the best way. The most acceptable is the computer simulation of the result.

In our opinion, the optimal result is a result of rhinoplasty in Vladikavkaz, which is not striking. At which friends, looking at the face, feel that it has become more attractive, and what exactly the reason can not immediately understand.

In the clinic of Dr. Kudzaev in Vladikavkaz, you can get the desired result in a short time and forget about self-doubt forever!