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Lipofilling of the breast

Lipofilling of the breast in Vladikavkaz

Lipofilling the breast is the use of your own fat in order to increase the volume of the breast. Even at the end of the XIX century surgeons began to adjust the figure by this method. Now, in plastic surgery, the technique is improved in terms of safety for the woman and the accuracy of the results that she receives. Lipofilling is successfully used not only as a procedure for the breast, but also there is lipolifting of the face in Vladikavkaz.


Lipofilling is done to restore the shape and volume of the mammary glands after birth and breastfeeding, and after the removal of the breast tumor.


exacerbation of any chronic diseases;

oncological diseases with the formation of metastases;

exacerbation of skin and inflammatory diseases;

diabetes mellitus and other blood diseases;

lactation period (after the end of feeding must pass at least a year);

period of menstruation.