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Lip plastic surgery

Lip plastic surgery in Vladikavkaz

Surgical interventions on the lips are one of the oldest areas of plastic surgery and facial surgery. Successful operations to correct the "hare lip" were performed in China 17 centuries ago. Nevertheless, aesthetic correction of the lips has gained real popularity only in recent years. People began to pay more attention to the sensuality and "sexuality" of this part of the face. Full lips are seen in our culture as sensual, perhaps because they are so closely associated with kisses. In addition, today more importance is attached to the beauty of the lips as one of the factors of "perfect beauty". If you want perfect lips, then you will be helped by a cosmetologist at Dr. Kudzaev's clinic and lip contouring in the city of Vladikavkaz.

With age, partial atrophy of the lips occurs, and they become thin. A beautiful picture of "Cupid's bow" smoothes and lips lose their expressiveness. Vertical wrinkles "barcode" on the upper lip are formed due to the activity of the circular muscle of the mouth. As with age, the upper lip gradually lengthens. The distance between the nose and mouth increases, the red border becomes narrower, as it turns inside. For the lower lip, the situation is reversed, the force of gravity pulls it down, and with age, there is a tendency for it to sag. Further aging is manifested in the fact that the border between the red border and the skin becomes less noticeable. At the child this "white roller" is sharp and slightly elevated. With age, it becomes less pronounced and is replaced by fine wrinkles. The corners of the mouth also drop, giving the face a disgruntled and sad look. Too thin lips give the person an angry, bitchy look.

Sometimes some people are too concerned about too full lips. Other relatively rare defects are the asymmetry of the lips, when one side is fuller than the other ... Lip surgery is not the most difficult operation, although preliminary consultation with a doctor reveals contraindications to it. It is important that the patient understands that in the early days there may be discomfort and swelling. There are several different surgical methods of lip correction. Operations are usually performed under local anesthesia. Fine wrinkles around the lips are eliminated by chemical, mechanical or laser peeling. Too long the upper lip is pulled by excising the skin at the base of the nose. To give expressiveness to the lips and increase the width of the red border, the method of excision of the skin strip directly above and below the lower lip is applied, after which the edges are sewn. Giving lip volume can be done in several ways: implanting your own tissue or introducing artificial fillers. Many cosmeticians introduce a biogel into the lips, which is actually a liquid silicone, but now this is not considered an acceptable method, and the reputable plastic surgeons do not use it, since it is impossible to foresee long-term results of the introduction of liquid silicone.

At present, artificial fillers produce a huge amount. The safest of them are preparations based on hyaluronic acid. The main drawback of them is the high cost and temporary effect due to rapid removal from the body. The most acceptable method of increasing the lips is to introduce patients to their own tissue. Used tissues such as dermis, fat, muscle, fascia, tendons. Since the lips are mobile, sensitive, soft, the best filler is the fatty tissue taken from the abdomen or thigh by aspiration. Now the correction of the shape of the lips in Vladikavkaz is not a problem! All kinds of aesthetic operations are conducted in the clinic of Dr. Kudzaev. The final stage of aesthetic correction of the lips is recommended permanent make-up. A full result can only be obtained when the tattoo is made by an experienced and pedantic master.