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Face lifting

Facelifting in Vladikavkaz

Facelift (facelift) - an operation aimed at eliminating the soft tissue of the face and restoring its contours (removing the most visible signs of aging). With age, the facial skin becomes less elastic, the volume of subcutaneous tissue decreases, there are excess skin and wrinkles that are inevitable with age.

Small wrinkles associated with the activity of facial muscles can be effectively eliminated using injections of special preparations, and in case of significant excess of skin and deep wrinkles, unfortunately, it is impossible to do without an operation. With excess skin in the neck, cheeks, in the temporal areas, facelift is not effective enough and face plastic is used.

Indications for surgery: Scepter of the forehead and eyebrows wrinkles Formation of wrinkles in the nose bridge Ptosis of the eyelids Expressed wrinkles in the temporal-zygomatic area Lowering of the outer corners of the eyes Deep vertical wrinkles on the cheeks Deep nasolabial folds Soft ptosis of the cheeks under the lower jaw "Double" chin Formation of pronounced wrinkles and wrinkles on the neck Contraindications: chronic diseases of the internal organs in severe form diabetes mellitus disorders of blood coagulability in mental diseases With facelift but you can look younger by 7-8 years! We make your dreams into reality! The clinic doctor Kudzaeva you are just waiting for qualified doctors, the latest equipment and the best conditions!